Sarthak Manna's Teams
Team NameContestRole
Dr DoofenshmirtzPradnya Wildcard RoundOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzClash Credenz 2019 WildcardOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzInsomnia Qualifier 2020Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCode QueenOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCook-a-CodeOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzUEM Code StormOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzInsomnia Qualifier 2018Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzShaastra Online Programming Contest 2018Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM AI OlympiadOwner
Dr Doofenshmirtz#30DaysOfCP Challenge for WomenOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzAlgoFlux 19.1 QualifierOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCodenight v1Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1BOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzMSTC March FaceOffOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzBUG4EVER 2019 Final (Mirror contest)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzKaizenOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzUEMCOOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzBleedCode 2020 - FinaleOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzSnackDown 2019 - Online Elimination RoundOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzBUG4EVER 2018 FinalOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzGeek-a-Hertz - Binary Masters - Online RoundOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCODUO 2022 Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzACM-ICPC Asia-Gwalior Onsite Replay Contest 2017Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzDeCipherOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzALOHOMORAOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzEncoding February'20Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzBattle of Brains QualifierOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEMCON HACKATHON 2K19Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzAlohomoraOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzPRADNYA WILCARD ROUND 2019Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzAlgomaniac PrelimsOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzPLINTH-IUPC 2019 (LNMIIT TECHFEST)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzSnackDown 2019 - Online QualifierOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO10)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCodemaniaOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzInsomnia Qualifier 2019Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCook-a-Code Online QualifierOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzBleedCode 2020 - Round 1Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad, November ChallengeOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCode of WarOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO9)Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzUEMCOOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIEM Coding Olympiad, April ChallengeOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCodeRedOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCode StumbleOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCode-of-War Online RoundOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzIUPC-Plinth'20Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzKeteki Power Match 2Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzAlgomaniacOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzAlohomoraOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzSnackDown 2019 - Online Pre-EliminationOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzBUG4EVER 2018 Online RoundOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzProgramming Cup- Sao Paulo EditionOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzEncoding April 2019Owner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCoding SquadOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzALOHOMORAOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1AOwner
Dr DoofenshmirtzCODEMANIAOwner
doofInsomnia Qualifier 2021Owner
doofBUG4EVER 2017Owner
doofCodeChef API Hackathon powered by Alibaba CloudOwner
speed_codersCode Mates x1Participant
StrangeIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO)Participant
StrangeShaastra Programming Contest (Online Preliminary Round)Participant
StrangeUEM CODESTORM 2.0Participant
The BitwiseCodersSnackDown 2017 Online Elimination RoundParticipant
The BitwiseCodersSnackDown Online Qualifier 2017Participant
The BitwiseCodersSnackDown Online Pre-elimination round AParticipant
The BitwiseCodersSnackDown Online Pre-Elimination Round BParticipant