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  • May Challenge 2018 Ratings Update

    After discussing the issues faced by users during the May 2018 challenge, we have decided to temporarily revert the rating changes. We have also tweaked the volatility factor so as to maintain fairness for users whose ratings have dropped to zero after being caught by our plagiarism filters. This will make it easier for users to regain their ratings with time. The new ratings will reflect on your accounts soon.

  • Summer Programming Workshop 2018

    Introducing Summer Programming Workshop for all students who want to build a strong foundation in Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA). The workshop is for students who have keen interest towards programming and want to pursue it as a career. And for school students who have keen interest in the learning foundation of DSA. Read more...

  • Rating Divisions

    As you all know, Chef loves to dish out new enhancements during his birthday month, and this time, he’s cooked up something special which many of you have been asking for - a Rating Divisions system! Read more...

  • CCDSAP coupons as Goodie

    We are offering CCDSAP coupons as a goodie for the month of March. Use your laddus to buy coupons and redeem the coupon while registering for the CCDSAP exam. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your coupons now! Buy Coupon

  • A CodeChef Certification

    Yes, you heard that right. We are launching a brand new certification program on Data Structures and Algorithms.Read more...

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