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Bringing to you the latest updates from the Chef's kitchen:

  • Set a Reminder for the April Starters, rated exclusively for Division 3. The contest is on April 25th, from 4 PM - 7 PM IST. Don't forget to invite the budding programmers you know.
  • Join the 'Build Your Own Splitwise' lab on NP-complete problems and create your own payment settlement algorithm on the popular bill splitting tool, Splitwise. This is DSA being implemented in a real-life scenario - come, learn a new skill on April 25th, 12 PM IST. Use access code: CODECHEF.
  • Enroll for the 4th edition of Elevate, our 1-hr MCQ based aptitude test on April 24th at 2 PM IST and stand a chance to win scholarships to Learn CP With CodeChef Subscription. Use access code: CODECHEF.
  • The April Lunchtime has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. New dates for the contest will be announced soon.

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