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April Cook-Off 2021

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Bringing to you the latest updates from the Chef's kitchen:

  • Set a Reminder for the April Cook-Off. The contest is on April 18th, from 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM IST. With Amazon as the contest recruiter, this is going to be a fun ride.
  • Register for our weekend learning series, Build Your Own Search Application, a two-day program to learn how to implement a basic version of text search and indexing algorithm which can be used on any dataset provided in a particular format. The workshop is on April 17th and 18th, from 1:30 PM IST.
  • Announcing our next guest on Weekends With Champions, Chinmay Pani! The 7-star coder interned at Amazon in 2018 and is currently an Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Register for the AMA on April 18th, at 3 PM IST.
  • Enroll for the 3rd edition of Elevate, our 1-hr MCQ based aptitude test on April 17th at 2 PM IST and stand a chance to win scholarships on CodeChef's Learn CP Subscription Package.

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