Cheer your favourite SnackDown Team

We are at the door of SnackDown 2016 Finale, which means it’s time to get behind your team with your cheers and messages for the final push to take them to the SnackDown 2016 Finale. And to make sure you are an active part of this last leg of their journey till the onsite finale, like you have always been, we have an exciting contest lined up for you. Don’t worry you will get to taste the problems as well. But first, here’s how to be a part of our SnackDown 2016 Cheer Bandwagon:

  • Put on your creative hats. :)
  • Draw a pen and paper (or type it out), and create motivating/funny/interesting cheer messages for your favorite teams.
  • Send those messages with #CodeChef #SnackDown2016 and #{teamname} on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ @codechef.
  • Top 5 best tweet, post, or message wins exciting SnackDown 2016 merchandise.
  • We will be reading all those messages, tweets, and posts at the end of SnackDown 2016 Final Round and will be announcing the winner.
  • The list of teams who have been advanced to final round can be found here.

So, what are you waiting for, let the tweeting begin. Remember, the more you tweet the better are your chances of winning. Note: Please don't forget to use hashtags like #SnackDown2016 #CodeChef, as they will be the only source for us to track.