News & Updates

SnackDown Onsite Finale Mirror Contest
12:46 PM, IST, 09 July 2016

The problems of SnackDown Onsite Finale Mirror contest have been served. The contest is running in parallel to the finale with 30 minutes delay. More details about the contest registration and prizes can be found here.

Action live from the Onsite Finale
12:29 PM, IST, 09 July 2016

It's the D-Day! The SnackDown 2016 Finale started at Directiplex. All those rounds, all those years of practice, and it all has come down to the next five hours. More action live from the contest arena is captured and updated here.

Arrival of SnackDown Onsite Finalists
02:35 PM, IST, 08 July 2016

We have captured all the moments live here.

SnackDown 2016 Finalists
12:53 AM, IST, 02 July 2016

The list of teams competing for the SnackDown onsite can be found here.

SnackDown 2016 Elimination Round concludes giving us the teams for finals
06:43 PM, IST, 21 June 2016

The SnackDown 2016 Elimination Round has successfully ended and the teams who have advanced to the Onsite Finals have been communicated. The final list of onsite finalists can be found here.

SnackDown 2016 Pre-Elimination Round A rank list changed
04:50 PM, IST, 10 June 2016

The ranklist of SnackDown 2016 Pre-Elimination Round A has been changed to score based ranklist. You may find the updated ranklist here: And, as oppose to the top 1000 teams proceeding into the Elimination Round from Pre-Elimination Round A, now, every team till 1000th rank will be moving into the Elimination Round.

The three day SnackDown 2016 Qualifier comes to an end
10:50 PM, IST, 31 May 2016

The SnackDown 2016 Qualifier has successfully ended. Teams who have solved one problem or more will be advancing to the Pre-Elimination Rounds. Further communication regarding the round will be sent through the email.

Team registration resumes after temporary outage
Arrival of Onsite Finalists
02:35 PM, IST, 08 July 2016

We have captured all the moments live here.

08:48 PM, IST, 28 May 2016

The new team registrations for SnackDown Qualifiers have now been resumed and the issues have been fixed. You may now register and make submissions. The contest has been extended by a day, it will now end at 9 PM, 31st May. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Submissions resume into SnackDown 2016 Qualifier
07:48 PM, IST, 28 May 2016

The Submissions for SnackDown Qualifier have been resumed for those who have already registered their teams. New team registrations will be resumed soon. Regret the inconvenience caused.

Registrations for SnackDown 2016 stopped due to technical issues
13:10 AM, IST, 28 May 2016

We have stopped team registrations for a little while, as we fix some technical issue from our side. We also are stopping submissions till the issue is fixed. Regret the inconvenience caused.

SnackDown 2016 Elimination round rescheduled

The elimination round of SnackDown 2016 has been re-scheduled to 19th June, 7:30 PM, IST. More information about the change can be found here.

The rules section has been updated, we would request you to go through them before registering your team.