Information for Onsite Finalists

  • 52 teams (top 25 Global + top 25 Indian + Best Girl's team + Best Indian School) from the elimination round will be eligible and invited for the SnackDown 2016 Finale, to be held at CodeChef’s headquarter at Directiplex, Mumbai. While we invite the above 52 teams, if any of them is not able to make it to the finals, we will extend an invitation to the next team in the order of ranks. The list of onsite finalists can be found here.
Contest Environment:
  • Guidelines
    • Internet access will NOT be provided during the contest.
    • Contestants are allowed to carry booklets, reference material during the contest (there is no limit on this). Additionally, a team is allowed to carry a maximum of 20 MB (archived and compressed) soft copy files/notes during the contest.
    • Contestants can carry their own keyboards and mouse to facilitate convenience.
    • During the contest, the contestants are allowed to take print outs.
    • Electronic devices are not allowed in the contest arena.
  • Operating Software: Ubuntu 15+ (64bit).
  • Desktop: Unity.
  • Editors:
    • Intellij Idea Community Edition
    • PyCharm Community Edition
    • CLion
    • Gedit
    • Vim/Gvim
    • Emacs
    • Sublime (Free version)
    • Eclipse
    • Geany
    • Notepadqq
Travel & Visa:
  • Visa (for non-Indian nationals):
    • Foreign teams will have to obtain their visa prior to the onsite finale.
    • CodeChef will reimburse the visa application fee for top 15 teams. Any cost incurred while obtaining a passport shall be borne by the applicant.
    • For more information on Visa process and documents visit:
  • Travel:
    • For Top 32 Teams (top 15 global + top 15 Indian + Best Girl's team + Best Indian School team):
      • If you one among the 32 teams (15 global + top 15 Indian + Best Girl's team + Best Indian School team), you will get round trip air transportation from the nearest major airport from your residence.
      • Should you choose any other airport apart from the nearest, you will have to inform to CodeChef beforehand, in order to avoid any last minute booking hassle.
      • We will also reimburse the cost of travel to and from the airport up to $50 USD, upon producing the bills.
    • For the rest of the teams:
      • Teams traveling to the onsite finale at their own expense shall have their travel expenses reimbursed if they finish in top 3 teams in the finale.
Food & Stay:
  • Food: The food will be arranged along with the accommodation for the finalists.
  • Accommodation: CodeChef will arrange accommodation for all the finalists for the entire duration of the finale. Should you choose to extend your stay in India, you will have to make your arrangements.
  • Stay Extension: If you want, you may also extend your stay in India. Let us know in advance if you want to do so, so that we may help you in extending your return tickets. We have tied up with a very good travel agency (India Someday) that can assist you in planning your trip. If you mention that you are here for Snackdown, you will get a 25% discount in their services.
  • The tentative itinerary for the SnackDown 2016 onsite finals can be found here.
  • The SnackDown 2016 Finale is scheduled in the month of July, which in India is just the beginning of monsoon season. The location Mumbai, being close to seas, sees heavy rainfall every year. The participants travelling from other parts of the world are expected to carry necessary rain gears.
  • You understand and agree that traveling to a new country involves the risk of illness, accident, injury, or death. Should any/not-limited-to the aforesaid events occur during your travel to and from the SnackDown 2016 Finale, CodeChef or any of its affiliates will not be liable for any damage, harm, claim, or loss.