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Manage your Contest
Once you test your problems on, we will be creating your main contest page on CodeChef. You can manage this contest of yours of your own. To do so, you need to go to (where CONTESTCODE is the code of your contest. Eg. TCFS15P). You can manage your contest using following options:
Restriction on IP address: In case of a closed contest, you may want to restrict your contest to a particular set of people. You may do so by restricting the participants of your contest on IP address of the users/institution from where the users are expected to login. For this, you will need to put the comma separated values of the public IP's of the user in the text box.
Example of the same can be seen in below image:
Restriction by Usernames: Alternatively, you can restrict the access to your contest based on CodeChef username. You can add the users one by one from Usernames tab as shown here.
Or, if you have a comma separated list of usernames, you can add them in one go using Usernames file button as shown here:
Start/End time of the contest: You can set/change the start and end time of the contest from Extend contest tab. Set the start/end time and click on extend contest button. This can also be used to extend the end time of your contest when it is in progress. (Important note: Solutions Visibility After Contest should be kept as public. This is to ensure that the solutions are visible to everyone after the end of the contest which we want to happen so that the users can read and benefit from the other's submissions.
Sync contest: If any modification is done in the problem statement on then as per the present process (and system constraints) the changes need to be synchronized on CodeChef with the help of this button. Here, it is important to note that the update of test data for the problems needs no synchronization.
Ranklist type: Presently there are three types of ranklist that you can select from for your contest. They are Score based, ACM Style and IOI Style. You can know more about them here. You can change the ranklist at any time before the contest starts through the given option.
Freezing Ranklist time: Freezing the ranklist allows you to stop publishing contest updates to the users for a certain amount of time towards the end of the contest. For this duration (in minutes), the ranklist, the submissions and any other activity in the contest will not be reflected to any other user. However, the users shall be able to see the result of their own submissions. If you want to use this feature, then first check the “Enable Ranklist” option and enter the duration in (minutes) in the Ranklist Freezing Time box.
Hide Time and Memory: Using this option enables you to hide the running time and memory used, of any submission to other users. However, the users shall be able to see the running time and memory used for their own submissions.
Upload Contest Banner: You can change the banner image on your contest page to include information like contest name, timings, prizes, institution/organisation name, sponsors etc. You can upload only JPEG images. The dimensions of the image should be 602x287 pixels and the file size should not be more than 2 MB.
Contest Rules: You can change/modify contest rules. Please type the rules or copy paste them from the notepad to avoid any formatting issues. Do not remove the existing rules and regulations from the Rules page. You may only need to change the information related to your contest which may include, the timing, the prize information, the registration URL for your contest, your contact details etc.