Contest Types

Open/Closed Contests:

Open Contests

  • Open contests are those that anyone on CodeChef can take part in. They will also appear here:
  • In an open-for-all competition, it is imperative for us to ensure that the problems match CodeChef standards in terms of quality. The level of difficulty does not matter as much as the quality of problem statements and test data do.
  • All the problems have to be original.

Closed Contests

  • We can restrict access to your contest for a set of usernames or a set of IP addresses. Such contests are closed contests and only available to those people whom you give them access to. These can be used for a targeted audience like your college/school club or a group of friends.
  • We do not publicize closed contest in any way.
  • The quality checks are relaxed for a contest that is limited to a closed group like an intra level college contest.

Team/Individual Contests:

Team Contests

Individual Contests

  • These are the more commonly held contests on CodeChef. Only one member takes part in this.
  • There is no requirement of a seperate registration for these contests. The user just needs to have a CodeChef user id.
  • As an organizer, you may still ask for the registration of the participants at your end to map the CodeChef user name with the user data so that you may contact them for prizes.
  • Eg. Alkhwarism 2013.

Other Details

Types of Ranklists:

There are multiple types of ranklists that you can apply to your contests. Read in detail about them here.

Types of Problems:

There are different types of problems that you can set in your contests. To know more about them, please visit here.