One of our aims with CodeChef is to foster learning and growth among people who are passionate about programming through healthy competition and knowledge sharing. We, at CodeChef, are glad to help out if your school, college, educational institute (and now even corporates or any other organisation) wants to host a contest on our platform, irrespective of where you are located.
Association with Schools/Universities
We will be more than happy to be associated as programming partners. However, we are an educational and not for profit initiative that runs on a tight budget and hence we cannot provide any monetary sponsorship. Sponsorship in kind can be provided by hosting the contest on our platform for free. The entire monitoring of the infrastructure and online support during the contest will be provided by our team. If the contest is hosted on our platform, we can also provide CodeChef Laddus to winners of the contest which can be reedemed on the Goodie site.
Association with Corporates
There has been a recent change in our policy. From now on, even the Corporates will be able to use the platform for free to host their contests for any purpose that they want. However, there are some things that do not change even now. We still remain a non-profit initiative and we will not be making any money from this exercise, nor will we be sharing any of our user’s information with the organizers. And we are not even looking towards getting sponsorship in lieu of hosting these contests. We have jotted down certain criteria that every contest organizer must follow to use the platform:
  • We will not promote any product, service, or any commercial event.
  • We will not provide any user data to the organizers. The organizers will have to have a separate registration link for their event, if the need be.
  • The problem set will be moved to our practice section for the community to try their hands on them. However, the time of moving them to practice section can be mutually agreed upon with the organizers.
  • The organizers will be primarily responsible to clear all the doubts of the participants pertaining to the problem set, results, selection/participation criterion, and/or any other query that may arise during the contest. However, the queries related to platform and its functionality will be handled by us.
  • The organizers should provide the editorials for their problem set, when they are moved to practice section. This is something that we look forward to in exchange of our contest hosting services.You may read about Editorial writing here.
What Can We Do for You?
  • We can host and publicize your online contest on CodeChef at no cost. The entire hosting and infrastructure is taken care by us.
  • The contest can accept solutions in 50+ programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python to name a few. You can view the complete list of languages here: http://www.codechef.com/wiki/list-compilers
  • We'd be happy to provide CodeChef T-shirts, laptop stickers etc as giveaways for your contest winners.
  • We will announce your contest in our Monthly Newsletter that goes out to our user base (2,00,000+ extremely targeted audience).
  • We will ensure that your contest receives optimum visibility through our various Social Media Channels.
What Can You Do for Us in Return?
This initiative is free. Which means that you will not have to pay us anything. However, to foster learning and to reach out to more students we expect a few things from you:
  • We want you to make problems of good quality.
  • We want you allow us to put them up in our practice contest after your contest is over, so that the community can benefit from them.
  • We want you to put up editorials for your problems after the contest so that the new users in the community can benefit from them. You may read more about Editorial writing here.
  • Also, we would appreciate to be recognized as the "Programming Partner" for your event by putting our logo on your marketing collaterals like posters, banners, other online/offline materials, etc in the partners section and not as sponsors, if you are marketing your event. We hope that you will acknowledge us on your website and email communication as well.
Any further modification/alteration in the guidelines will be conveyed accordingly.