Vichitr's Teams
Team NameContestRole
naam_hai_shenshahClash Credenz 2019 WildcardOwner
naam_hai_shenshahIEMCON HACKATHON 2K19Owner
The SingularCode StumbleOwner
The SingularSnackDown Online Pre-Elimination Round BOwner
The SingularCodeRedOwner
The SingularCode-Apocalypse 3.0 Day 1Owner
The SingularInsomnia 2017 QualifierOwner
The SingularAlgomaniacOwner
The SingularCODUO - PrelimsOwner
The SingularSEMICODE2k19-1Owner
The SingularBUG4EVER 2017Owner
The SingularCode QueenOwner
The SingularCodeChef API Hackathon powered by Alibaba CloudOwner
The SingularSnackDown Online Qualifier 2017Owner
The SingularUreckon International Coding Challenge (UICC)Owner
The SingularSnackDown Online Pre-elimination round AOwner
The SingularIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO)Owner
L.O.S.E.R.S.Shaastra Programming Contest (Online Preliminary Round)Participant
RuperryVanilaAlgoFuzz 19.1 QualifierParticipant
G.O.A.T. Remembers AgainCODEZILLAParticipant
G.O.A.T. Remembers AgainInsomnia Qualifier 2019Participant
CodengersEncoding April 2019Participant
CodengersIEM Coding Olympiad, April ChallengeParticipant
Rupesh loves ........PRADNYA WILCARD ROUND 2019Participant
Took to programming since getting gf was much difficultUEMCOParticipant
Goa_chalte_hainCook-a-Code Online QualifierParticipant
Katega_sab_ka_kategaAlgoFlux 19.1 QualifierParticipant
Coding see fatt jati haiCode-of-War Online RoundParticipant
Coding see fatt jati haiSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1AParticipant
Coding see fatt jati haiSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1BParticipant
Coding see fatt jati haiSnackDown 2019 - Online QualifierParticipant
Coding see fatt jati haiSnackDown 2019 - Online Pre-EliminationParticipant
Coding see fatt jati haiCode IncognitoParticipant
decodersIEM Coding Olympiad, November ChallengeParticipant
TwoLazyClash Credenz 2018 WildcardParticipant
TooLazyToSleepInsomnia Qualifier 2018Participant
NITKiansBUG4EVER 2018 FinalParticipant
NITKiansBUG4EVER 2018 Online RoundParticipant