ICPC 2019-20

Let us introduce you to the Indian teams selected for the World Finals 2020.

Team Name
Cogito Ergo Error
Minimum Spanking Tree
Indian Institute of Technology - Varanasi
Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi
Indian Institute of Technology - Indore
Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur
Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee
International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad
India Regionals
Kharagpur Gwalior - Pune Amritapuri Kanpur
Online Contest Link ICPCIN19
Replay Contest Link KH19MOS GW19MOS AM19MOS KA19MOS
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Participation in Indian Regionals

For the ICPC 2019 - 2020 Indian regionals, there will be 4 regionals. Teams will be moving to the World Finals from all the 4 regionals.

Regionals Kharagpur Gwalior + Pune Amritapuri Kanpur Asia West Continent
Onsite Contest Date
7th - 8th
December 2019
14th - 15th December 2019 26th - 27th December 2019 30th - 31st
December 2019
In January 2020
Onsite Round Platform
www.codechef.com TBA
Onsite Slots (Tentatively)
100 125 350 100 NA
Onsite Registration Fees (For selected Indian Teams)
INR 5000 INR 3600 INR 4522 INR 3800 TBA
Onsite Registration Fees (For ForeignTeams)
USD 300 USD 300 USD 250 USD 300 TBA
Registration Link for Online
Click here Click here Click here Click here Click here
Online Contest Date
18th October 2019 NA
Online Contest Link
www.codechef.com/ICPCIN19 NA
Start Date of Registration for Online Contest
29th August 2019 9th September 2019 14th August 2019 26th August 2019 NA
Last Date to Register for Online Contest
5th October 2019 4th October 2019 5th September 2019 9th October 2019 NA
Contact details
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Contact Names
Online Registration Fees
INR 1000 INR 900 INR 900 INR 1000 NA
Things you need to know before Registration

Here’s everything you need to know to participate in Indian regionals.

  • Participants need to register on the Baylor Site to be eligible to take part in the contest. Click here to register. Read Instructions and Regional rules here: ICPC Coach Instructions and ICPC Regional Rules
  • There will only be one common online round for all the 4 Indian regionals.
  • You must not register your team for more than two regionals in a year, as that will lead to your disqualification from all regionals.
  • A student who has already competed in regional contests during five different contest years is NOT eligible to compete.
  • Based on the performance of the online round, each regional site will decide on the number of teams to be invited for the on-site round.
  • Preference is generally given to maximize the unique number of colleges participating in the on-site round.
  • Based on the performance of the teams in the on-site rounds some of the top teams will qualify for the World Finals. The exact number of teams qualifying from each regional will be decided by the Asian ICPC Director only after all the regionals are over.
  • Each individual should only have one account registered at the Baylor site

Note to participants: If an individual is part of two different teams, then during the online round, they have to participate only as a member of one team. If there are similar codes because of this, both teams risk getting disqualified for plagiarism.

CodeChef’s Initiative

Apart from the ambitious Go For Gold initiative, where we want an Indian team to win the ICPC world finals, for the 2019-20 edition, we will continue our support towards the participants through:

  • Providing ICPC travel sponsorship for 75 Indian students from the September and October Cook-Off 2019's respectively.
    • Top 50 participants from September Cook-Off 2019 Division 1 will be eligible for sponsorship, while new top 25 participants will be selected from October Cook-Off 2019 Division 1.
    • In order to participate in the contest and get your sponsorship, all you need is a CodeChef id. We guess you already have it. If you do not, then get one here.
  • On top of all, as a part our Go For Gold initiative, a team which finishes with a rank better than 18 at the ICPC World Finals will receive a cash prize of INR 1,609,435.
Mega Cook-off travel sponsorship
How do I get my ICPC expenses reimbursed?
  • Register on any of the above regionals
  • Participate in the September Cook off and October Cook off contests.
  • Secure the rank within the above mentioned eligibility criterion.
  • Reply to the email that you get from CodeChef confirming your onsite participation
  • That's it. Just 4 Simple Steps and you'll be on your way to having your ICPC expenses reimbursed by Directi.
The sponsorship of ICPC Expenses is subject to the following conditions
  • Each winner shall be reimbursed an amount not greater than INR 1500 against the total expenses
  • The said amount shall be reimbursed against submission of valid proof (in original) E.g. 3rd AC Train & Bus Tickets, etc. Flight tickets will not be considered for travel sponsorship.
  • Only the expenses borne by the winner of the Mega Cook-Offs should be claimed.
  • Expenses by people accompanying the winner shall not be eligible for sponsorship.

Find the list of selected Indian Students for Travel sponsorship:

Note: We will reach out to all the eligible candidates after the selected teams for the onsite round is announced.