Gudesa Venkata Sai Akhil's Teams
Team NameContestRole
Hold The DoorCode-of-War Online RoundOwner
Hold The DoorCode IncognitoOwner
TheLastCloutInsomnia Qualifier 2018Owner
HKSJCodexact WildcardOwner
HKSJBUG4EVER 2018 Online RoundOwner
PhoenixIEM Coding Olympiad (IEMCO)Owner
Pickle RickTechtonicOwner
ReverieSnackDown Online Qualifier 2017Owner
ReverieClash Credenz 2017 WildcardOwner
ReverieSnackDown Online Pre-elimination round AOwner
ReverieInsomnia 2017 QualifierOwner
ReverieSnackDown 2017 Online Elimination RoundOwner
ReverieBUG4EVER 2017Owner
ReverieAlgoflux QualifiersOwner
ReveriePradnya Wild Card Entry RoundOwner
ReverieCode-of-War 2K18Owner
ReverieACM-ICPC Asia-Chennai Onsite Replay Contest 2017Owner
ReverieShaastra Online Programming Contest 2018Owner
OnceInTwentyYearsShaastra Programming Contest 2016Owner
NewbiesInsomnia 2016 QualifierOwner
NewbiesIEM Coding Olympiad 2016Owner
NewbiesACM-ICPC Asia-Kolkata Onsite Mirror Contest 2016Owner
NewbiesACM-ICPC Asia-India Finals Mirror Contest 2016Owner
ReverieInsomnia Qualifier 2019Participant
El Psy CongrooSnackDown 2019 - Online Pre-EliminationParticipant
El Psy CongrooSnackDown 2019 - Online Elimination RoundParticipant
El Psy CongrooSnackDown 2019 - Online QualifierParticipant
El Psy CongrooSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1AParticipant
El Psy CongrooSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1BParticipant
three_kagesACM-ICPC Asia-Chennai Onsite Mirror Contest 2016Participant
three_kagesACM-ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Onsite Mirror Contest 2016Participant