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rajesh kumar sinha's Teams
Team NameContestRole
losers007CodeChef Snackdown 2015 : Online Elimination RoundOwner
losers007Replay of Pitt CSC - University of Pittsburgh Owner
losers007Beat By BIT 2015Owner
losers007Beat By BIT 2015 Round 2Owner
losers007OPC ACUMEN 2015Owner
losers007Clash of CodersOwner
losers007Codigo 2015Owner
losers007Insomnia 2015 QualifierOwner
losers007Delhi Coding League 2015Owner
losers007CodeChef SnackDown 2015Owner
losers007CODESHOW 2015Owner
losers007SPIT Coder's Club Monthly Contest 3.0Owner
losers007Code Hunt 2015Owner
losers007CodeChef Snackdown 2015, Round 1AOwner
losers007Code Mania 2015Owner
losers007ByteCode 2015Owner
losers007ACM-ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Site, 1st Practice Round 2015Owner
losers007IOPC 2015Owner
mykremlinInternational Coding League, BITS PilaniOwner
mykremlinCode-Wars, Round 1Owner
soviatrepublicGrietCode,January 2015Owner
defeatSnackDown 2017 Online Elimination RoundOwner
defeatSnackDown Online Pre- elimination Round BOwner
defeatReplay of Pitt CSC - University of Pittsburgh Owner
defeatNational Computing LeagueOwner
defeatSnackDown 2016 Online Elimination RoundOwner
defeatNational Computing Contest 2015Owner
defeatCode Mania 2016Owner
defeatBIG (O)Owner
defeatSnackDown Online Qualifier 2017Owner
defeatSnackDown Online Qualifier 2016Owner
defeatACM-ICPC Asia-Kharagpur Onsite Contest 2014, ReplayOwner
defeatACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur Onsite Contest 2014, ReplayOwner
defeatSnackDown Online Pre-elimination round AOwner
defeatSnackDown Online Pre-elimination round AOwner
ismrocksIIT Kanpur, Monthly Programming Contest-1Owner
kamikaziClash Credenz 2014 Wild Card RoundOwner
kamikaziShaastra Programming Contest 2016Owner
kamikaziInfinite LoopOwner
kamikaziACM-ICPC Asia-Chennai Onsite Mirror Contest 2016Owner
kamikaziACM-ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Onsite Mirror Contest 2016Owner
smokersSnackDown 2019 - Online Pre-EliminationParticipant
smokersSnackDown 2019 - Online QualifierParticipant
smokersSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1AParticipant
smokersSnackDown 2019 - Online Round 1BParticipant
lightersICPC Preparatory Series by Team SkullCrackersParticipant
codebloodismOPC- Pravega 2015Participant
codeismClash Credenz 2015 Wild Card RoundParticipant
codeismOPC- Pravega 2015Participant
night_codersOPC- Pravega 2015Participant
night_codeACM-ICPC Asia-Amritapuri Onsite Contest 2014, ReplayParticipant
acm_rockersACM-ICPC Asia-Kharagpur Onsite Contest 2014, ReplayParticipant
CodeCrackerACM-ICPC Asia-Kharagpur Onsite Contest 2014, ReplayParticipant
night_dayACM-ICPC Practice round 2014Participant