SnackDown Hubs


What is a SnackDown Hub?

Inspired by Google’s Hashcode, CodeChef’s SnackDown Hub’s brings programmers from the same locale and present them an opportunity to come together, network, share knowledge while cracking the SnackDown Online Qualifying round side by side. The goal here is to add the fun & excitement of competing in person with your counterparts right from the preliminary stage of the contest, while meeting new programmers.

Note for hub organizers: Hubs are organized only for the Qualifying round. A hub need not last for the entire duration of the Qualifying round. Even organizing it for few hours in a day during the Qualifying round would do.

How do I join a hub?

If you wish to join a hub in your area, here’s how you can do it.

  • Locate the hub in your area on our list of SnackDown Hubs.
  • If your area is not listed, you can set one up.
  • Build a local programming community for their area.
  • Once you have located the Hub in your area, you can register and request for the details of the hub organizer(s) here:
Who can organize a SnackDown Hub?

Simply put anyone can. Ok, any individual, institute, office, or local authority with enough space to accommodate enough crazy programmers, about to go crazier, to blow the roof off the room. If you think you can handle all that and will enjoy that as much as we do, you are on. You can organize a SnackDown Hub.

Why should I organize a SnackDown Hub?

The aim for SnackDown hub is to bring all the programmers in the same area under one roof to compete and have fun. And that’s one of the many wonderful reasons you should organize a SnackDown Hub. But, there’s more to it. By organizing a Hub you get/provide:

  • Opportunity to network with other programmers from your area.
  • Opportunity to share you expertise and knowledge with others.
  • Build a local programming community for their area.
  • And the cool goodies from SnackDown partners for the attendees and the organizers (with subject to certain conditions).
Pre-requisites for organizing a hub

While anyone can organize a SnackDown hub, there are few prerequisites that we expect from the organizers. So, if you are planning to organize a SnackDown hub, here’s what you will need:

  • Steady internet connectivity to avoid any interruptions during the contest.
  • Ample space to accommodate the number of teams you are planning to host.
  • Steady power supply to avoid any outages
  • And anything else that you want to include as a host is always welcome.

The Hubs listed herein are independently organized and CodeChef is not responsible for their individual functioning. CodeChef and all of its affiliates, will not be held liable or responsible for any kind of loss, damage, personal injury or any untoward incident caused by the actions of a Hub organizer, or associated with a Hub in anyway.

List of Hubs

Check the list of hubs here