Jump stars from 2 to 3

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  • eventC++ | 31 Jan onwards
  • eventPython | 14 Feb onwards

Get mentored to Level up from 2 to 3 stars. Solve 3-5 problems per day with your CodeChef mentor, during the camp and improve your understanding of concepts. At the end of the camp, you will be confident of solving easy-medium problems on CodeChef.

Pre Requisites

  • This camp is for 2-star coders on CodeChef
  • Learners should have participated in atleast 10 rated Contests on CodeChef
  • You need to know C++ or Python to attend the camp.
  • Please do attend the session via a laptop or desktop and solve problems with the educator. Solving and practicing problems is very crucial in building your skills.

Day 1

  • Getting started with Searching
  • What is Binary Search
  • Time Complexity of Binary Search
  • Concept of Lower bound & Upper bound
  • Discuss some problems related to binary search
  • Problems

Day 2

  • Getting started with STL: Stacks
  • Getting started with STL: Queues
  • Getting started with STL: Priority Queue & Deque
  • Discuss some problems related to STL
  • Problems

Day 3

  • Discuss STL: Set
  • Discuss STL: Map
  • Discuss some problems related to Map and Set
  • Problems

Day 4

  • Getting started with Bit Manipulation
  • Some Intermediate concepts of Bit Manipulation
  • What is Masking
  • Discussion related to masking
  • Problems

Day 5

  • Getting started with Greedy
  • What is Recursion? Base case
  • What is Stack frame
  • Head and Tail Recursion
  • Discuss some problems related to Greedy and Recursion
  • Problems

Day 6

  • Prerequisites of DP
  • Intro to DP
  • Types of DP
  • 1D and 2D DP
  • Discuss some problems related to DP
  • Problems


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