ICPC for Schools 2018


  • ICPC for Schools is an opportunity for school teams to participate in ICPC regionals competing along with the best college teams from across India
  • It is an ICPC style programming team competition.
  • It aims to encourage school students to take up competitive programming and improving their algorithmic programming skills early in school as envisioned by our Go For Gold initiative
  • It was conceived in 2016 by CodeChef in association with Amrita University, Kollam
  • This year it is being conducted in collaboration with Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore and ABV-IIITM Gwalior.

Onsite round details

Regional Site ABV-IIITM Gwalior

Amrita University, Coimbatore

Onsite Dates

17-18 December

28-29 December

Registration fee

INR 1000 per team

No of Slots




1st team - Cash prize 20k
2nd team - Cash prize 10k
3rd team - Cash prize 5k
As mentioned in the prizes section, any team that comes in the top 12% of the combined ranklist with college students, gets double the cash prize.

Onsite Team Allocation

  • antipro
  • Syntax_Error
  • Noob_coder
  • AIS Noida Programming Team
  • Bipolar
  • Code01
  • Swedish House Mafia
  • AC++;
  • Coding Craps
  • codetalker
  • Bashers
  • Noisy Joker
  • g33k56
  • CodeModeOn
  • Dominic_Coders
  • int_elligence
Wait list Teams
  • Just Coding
  • arthemisX
Onsite Schedule
  • 17 Dec: Team Registration + Opening Ceremony + Practice Contest (Reach before 10 am)
  • 18 Dec: Main Contest + Closing Ceremony(You can leave by 8 pm)
  • 27 Dec: Winter Camp (Day 1) (Reach before 9 am)
  • 28 Dec: Winter Camp (Day 2) + Team Registration + Opening Ceremony + Practice Contest
  • 29 Dec: Main Contest + Closing Ceremony (You can leave by 8 pm)

Format of the competition

The competition consists of two rounds.

  • Online round (Eliminations)
  • Onsite regional round (Finals)
    • After the online round, those teams who solve atleast one problem in the online round, will have to select at 1 regional site
    • Based on the team’s site selection, performance in the online round and number of slots at each regional site, it will be allotted regional site(s).
    • Dates:
      • ABV-IIITM Gwalior - 17-18 December 2018
      • Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore - 28-29 December 2018

Why participate?

  • It is a unique opportunity to participate in ICPC while still being at school and experience the regional rounds.
  • Participants get to meet, interact and learn from the best programmers in colleges from across the country.


  • All the teams solving at least one problem in the online round are eligible to receive a participation certificate.
  • All the teams attending the regional round will receive a participation certificate and ICPC - CodeChef Goodies.
  • The teams selected for Amritapuri Coimbatore Regionals will get to attend Winter Programming camp (27-28 December 2018). Sessions will be handled by the best problem setters, coders in the country. Best performing team members from ICPC may also teach the young budding coders.
  • The top team(s)* at each regional site, wins a cash prize, up to INR 20,000.
  • Jackpot prize:
    • If a team comes in the top 12% in the onsite regional rank-list among the college and school students, then they get double the eligible cash prize.

*Exact distribution will be announced after the online round results based on the participation and the number of slots at each regional site.

Travel Reimbursement To The Onsite:

  • The teams coming in top 10 in the online round will be eligible for travel reimbursement to the onsite round.
  • Each team member will be entitled to travel reimbursement of up to INR 3500/-
  • Teams eligible for the onsite travel reimbursement are as below:
    Team Name Team Handle Team Members




    Swedish House Mafia






    Coding Craps












    Noisy Joker









Note: If any of the above teams are not travelling to the onsite round, then the next team in the school ranklist will be eligible for travel reimbursement.


  • You can participate if you are studying in a school in India

Team Formation

  • A team can have up to 3 members. Even a single member can compete as a team.
  • No participant can be a member of more than one team.
  • Unlike past years, there is no restriction for the members of a team to be from the same school.


Previous Year Problems


  • This contest is not officially related with the icpc.foundation and hence this will not merit qualification to the ICPC World Finals.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us on [email protected]