Birthday Treats from Chef

Where's the fun if the party lasts only for a night, right? Chef wants to have the birthday bash of a lifetime, and so, the party will go for the entire month of March!

Stay tuned here for exciting surprises, goodie alerts and non-stop updates to keep the Chef's birthday party going all month long!

CodeChef Rating Divisions
2:55 PM, IST, 2 MARCH 2018

For the next birthday treat in the series, Chef has decided to enhance the taste of his dishes as per the customers’ taste. As many of you had guessed, #CodeChef will now have rating based divisions, namely Division 1 (Users with rating >= 1800) and Division 2 (Users with rating < 1800).

Excited? We are too! Read on to know more here:

CCDSAP Coupon HBD2018
CCDSAP Goodies Coupon
7:00 PM, IST, 1 MARCH 2018

Here is Chef's next gift! We are giving Birthday Coupons for the month of March that you can buy with your laddus. You can redeem this coupon while registering for the CCDSAP exam. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your coupons!

CCDSAP Coupon HBD2018


CCDSAP Birthday Offer
12:30 AM, IST, 1 MARCH 2018

Here is Chef's gift for those who want to give the CCDSAP exam this March! You can register for it by applying code 'HBD2018' and get 9% off! This is valid till 3rd March only.

CCDSAP Coupon HBD2018