Chef's 9th Birthday


Time to shine as we now turn 9!

It’s that time of the year,
When I turn a little more senior,
Sprinkling generous love in my dishes,
Celebrating a day of wonderful wishes!

Programmers flock to my kitchen,
With spoons of C/C++ and forks of Python,
I serve them dollops of sweet DSA jam,
In my short and long contest camps!

“How do I learn to code?”, asked a missus,
I showed her to the abode of coders, Discuss,
Because programming is not just done on IDEs,
But in a community, where we are close-knit family!

What time of the year is it, you ask!
I say, put on your party mask!
Shake a leg, smile a bit, and say Hurray!
Because it’s my 9th Birthday!


In the 9 long years since 2009 up until now, Chef has witnessed a multitude of changes, big and small. Numerous contests have come and gone, several problems have been attempted and conquered, and the world of computer programming has seen many embrace its river of knowledge.

But one thing has always stayed constant, and that is you! From a humble beginning of 30,000 users in 2010, Chef now has 760,000+ programmers actively participating on his platform! It is those numbers that drive us forward everyday to make programming a global phenomenon, and it wouldn’t be possible without you, dear CodeCheffer!

So on Chef’s 9th birthday, here’s to the versatile, endearing and thoughtful programmer in you!