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News & Updates

SnackDown Elimination Round comes to an end
00:57 AM IST, 8th December 2018

All the solutions of elimination round will be run through MOSS software for plagiarism detection and final list of onsite finalists will be announced very soon.

SnackDown Elimination Round
03:24 AM IST, 5th December 2018

All the shortlisted teams (top 500 ranks and various reserved categories) for Online Elimination Round can be found here. Teams which have qualified through the top 500 ranks category will still be considered for any relevant reserved categories while selecting teams for the onsite. Elimination round will commence on 8th December 2018 at 19:30 hrs IST. Link to the Elimination round: www.codechef.com/SNCKEL19.

SnackDown Pre-Elimination Round comes to an end.
19:06 PM IST, 4th November 2018

SnackDown Pre-elimination Round ended yesterday after a three-hour long intense competition. The top 500 teams from the Pre-elimination will be moved to Elimination round which will be conducted on 8th December 2018.Link to the Elimination round: www.codechef.com/SNCKEL19.In addition to these 500 teams there are 80 teams belonging to the reserved category who also will be competing in the Elims. Know more about the reservations in Elimination round here.

SnackDown Round 1A and SnackDown Round 1B come to an end.
12:33 PM IST, 30 OCTOBER 2018

Round 1A ended on 21st October with 1922 teams in the top 1500 ranks. Round 1B ended yesterday at 9 pm IST with 3084 teams in the top 1500 ranks of this room. This means a whopping 5004 teams are going to compete in the Pre-Eliminations round which is scheduled on 3rd November! Link to the pre-elims: www.codechef.com/SNCKPE19

SnackDown 2019 Round 1B extended by 7 hrs
01:50 PM IST, 29 OCTOBER 2018

SnackDown Round 1B (https://www.codechef.com/SNCK1B19) has been extended by 7 hours. The contest will now end at 29th October 9 pm IST.

SnackDown 2019 Round 1B postponed by 2 hrs
11:40 PM IST, 19 OCTOBER 2018

SnackDown Round 1B (https://www.codechef.com/SNCK1B19) has been postponed by 2 hours. The contest will now begin at 28th October 2 am IST and will end at 29th October 2 pm IST. We regret the inconvenience caused.

SnackDown 2019 Round 1A
3:30 PM IST, 19 OCTOBER 2018

SnackDown Round 1A begins today at 21:00 hrs IST. All the qualifiers from the previous round are going to compete to find a place in the Pre-eliminations of SnackDown 2019.
Duration: 19th Oct, 2018 at 21:00 hrs IST to 21st Oct, 2018 at 09:00 hrs IST.
Link to the contest: www.codechef.com/SNCK1A19

Those who miss out on this round or fail to qualify can still save their chances of being in SnackDown by participating in the parallel round 1B on 28th October. Check schedule for more details.

SnackDown 2019 Online Qualifier Round comes to an end.
3:46 PM IST, 17 October 2018

The first online round of SnackDown 2019 came to a sweet ending yesterday. Out of the 19335 teams who made submissions, 15856 teams have qualified to the next round.

Link to the next round: www.codechef.com/SNCK1A19

Elimination round rescheduled
1:30 PM IST, 15 September 2018

The elimination round date has been changed from 1st December to 8th December. Please check the updated schedule

SnackDown'19 Launch
9:30 PM IST, 14 September 2018

The fifth edition of SnackDown has been launched and registrations are now open to anyone across the globe

The road to finale is rougher this time!
9:30 PM IST, 14 September 2018

Another round has been added to SnackDown this year. In its 5 edition, the top 3000 will go through another intense online coding round to qualify for the eliminations. Check out the latest update in rule & schedule section.