• The contest is open to anyone with a knack for programming.
  • It is a team contest with each team having a maximum of three members from the same institution.
  • Teams will be ranked as per the number of problems solved
  • Ties will be broken by the total time for each user in ascending order of time.
  • Total time is the sum of the time consumed for each problem solved. The time consumed for a solved problem is the time elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the submission of the first accepted run plus 20 penalty minutes for every previously rejected run for that problem (Wrong answer, Time limit exceeded, Runtime Error, Compilation Error). There is no time consumed for a problem that is not solved.
  • The contest will consist of multiple rounds, with teams progressing in every round.
Here’s how the teams will progress:
  • Top 7 teams from the Re-SnackDown online round will be flown down for the onsite round to be held at CodeChef Headquarters in Mumbai.
  • Teams ranking from 8 to 20 will get cash prizes as mentioned in the prizes section.
  • Anyone with a knack for programming and access to the Internet.
  • Anyone with a CodeChef account.
Team Formation:
  • A team can have maximum of three members and minimum of one (duh!).
  • Both team members should have a CodeChef account.
  • Both the team members should be from the same institution/organization.
  • A participant can be part of only one team.
Verifying Eligibility:
  • CodeChef holds all rights to adjudicate on any dispute and verify your eligibility at any stage of the contest.
  • By entering the contest, you agree to produce any proof of eligibility requested by CodeChef for verification purposes.
  • If you fail to do so, it will result in your immediate disqualification from the contest and forfeiture of the prizes.

CodeChef can disqualify and forfeit the prizes of any team if they attempt to undermine the contest decorum by:

  • Violating CodeChef's Code of Conduct at any stage of the tournament.
  • Not complying with the terms listed in here.
  • Providing false information to become eligible for the prizes.
  • Misbehaving with other participant or contest administrators at any stage of the tournament.
  • Using content that is lewd, racist, pornographic, sexist, or otherwise unfitting for the Contest.
  • Getting involved in any malicious activity during any stage of the tournament.
  • The “Rules” listed herein are applicable to “CodeChef SnackDown” and every aspect of it. We urge you to go through these Terms with awareness as they form a legal agreement between you and CodeChef. There can be some alterations in the contest, which when happen may require changes in the existing or inclusion of completely new terms. The changes will become the part of the existing terms and your agreement with CodeChef with respect to the Contest.
  • “As a participant you are expected to adhere to these terms, failing which, you will be disqualified from the contest at any stage and will not be eligible for any prizes. Your submission into the contest shall be taken as your agreement to the terms below.”