About Programming Summer Camp

About this Camp:

This camp aims to develop and strengthen fundamental programming concepts in 2 weeks. It will cover basic concepts of computer science and programming through fun activities and engaging puzzles. The students will learn to program using flowcharts and solve problems in Python programming language.

It will also introduce students to programming competitions like the International Olympiad in Informatics, a global competition that selects the best high school programmers from over 80 countries.

You Should Attend This Camp If
  • You are fascinated by the technology around you and want to learn to code
  • You enjoy mathematics and logical puzzles
  • You like the thrill of solving challenging problems
At The End Of The Camp, You Will Be Able To:
  • Give algorithmic instructions to the computer to solve problems irrespective of the programming language
  • Learn to build the logic and write code in Python using basic programming constructs.
  • Debug your programs (like a pro)
  • Solve beginner level problems on CodeChef using basic Python.
  • Participate in programming competitions online and in school fests. Also, participate in International Olympiad in Informatics, also known as the Olympics of Programming which is one of the most prestigious Olympiads and is organised in association with UNESCO.
Additional takeaways
  • Access to CodeChef mentorship
  • Certificate of Participation
Workshop Trainers at Partner Institute
  • The workshop trainers are handpicked expert programming students of the respective partner institutions
  • These trainers are trained on pedagogy and classroom behavior management