Job Selection Criteria

General Selection Criteria

For most companies, the top 10 relevant matching profiles are shared.

Company Guidelines

  • If a company lists an opening for experienced candidates, priority will be given to profiles with work experience always.
  • If a company is looking for graduates of a specific year, priority will be given to such relevant profiles only.


  • If there are many profiles meeting the company‚Äôs selection guidelines, then the profiles with highest rating & contest participation on CodeChef will get priority over others.
  • If there are less profiles meeting the company selection guidelines, then the remaining profiles are sorted & ranked based on highest rating & rated contest participation, and shared.

Tips to get shortlisted

  • Participate in rated contests, and improve your performance gradually.
  • Your contest participation count may help you get shortlisted.
  • Practice a lot of coding problems each day, as that may help you to get started with your rated contest journey.