• You can solve the previous years questions www.codechef.com/practice/zco-inoi-problems
  • ZCO-2022 is a programming test. The languages allowed for ZCO-2022 are C, C++, Java and Python. Details about compilers, IDEs and other aspects of the contest environment will be announced soon.
  • The syllabus for ZCO is the list of Basic Topics in the ICO Online Study Material
  • Previous question papers and solutions are available in the ICO Archives.


  • Syllabus is the basic topics listed here: www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/online-study-material/topics
  • You can start to solve past years ZIO questions, which we have archived here: www.codechef.com/ioi/zio along with the answers.
  • The TCS iON Digital Hub for ICO has ZIO past year papers available as Practice Tests. You will need to login to attempt these and can take each of these tests five times through the Digital Hub. This will help you familiarize yourself with the interface that you will be using during the actual exam.


If you know of some other good resources, share with us on [email protected] and we will add to the list.