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CodeChef for Corporates

CodeChef has been supporting and honing the skills of competitive programmers in India, and all over the world, for 9 years now. What this extensive experience gives us is a first-hand view of exceptional programming talent across the country, through our monthly and external contests, training camps and the CCDSAP certification. By collaborating with us, you can connect with this vast community of programmers and have them on your team!

CCDSAP Certified Programmers

  • Connect with CCDSAP Certified Programmers.
  • Tap into a pool of CCDSAP certified programmers and zero in on the best candidate for your opening, faster!
  • CCDSAP certified programmers possess a solid foundation of Data Structures and Algorithms, the core of any Computer Science field.
  • We do half the work for you! CCDSAP offers Foundation, Advanced, Expert levels, helping you reach your candidate faster.

Conduct a Programming Competition

Host your own programming competition on CodeChefs platform to bring in the maximum participation from your targeted audience. A tailor-made programming competition specifically focusing on your companies hiring requirements ex: Conducting a programming competition will significantly help organizations with their hiring and branding needs.

  • Get visibility ranging from university graduates to experienced professionals.
  • Obtain insights into the contest’s best programmers, and connect with them.

Platform for Assessment/Hiring

Get access to CodeChefs hiring platform to assess candidates.

  • Test candidates on the language that suits them best. CodeChef supports 50+ programming languages including C, C++, Python, JAVA.
  • Get a separate landing page for your contest.
  • Get the leaderboard and statistics for the contest

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