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CodeChef has been supporting and honing the skills of competitive programmers in India, and all over the world, for 11 years now. What this extensive experience gives us is a first-hand view of exceptional programming talent across the country, through our monthly and external contests, training camps and the CodeChef Certification on Data Structures & Algorithms. By collaborating with us, you can connect with this vast community of programmers and have them on your team!

Access the pool of DSA Certified Candidates

CodeChef Certification on Data Structures & Algorithms is an assessment of proficiency in programming using Data Structures and Algorithms in a proctored environment. It tests a candidate’s grasp on subjects that are very fundamental to the field of computer science and forms the building blocks of software development.

  • Tap into a pool of CodeChef certified programmers and zero in on the best candidate for your opening, faster!
  • We do half the work for you by assessing the candidates on their proficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms.

Host your own Programming Competition

Host your own programming contest on CodeChef platform to bring in the maximum participation from your targeted audience. A tailor-made programming contest specifically focusing on your companies hiring requirements. Conducting a programming contest will significantly help organizations with their hiring and branding needs.

  • Engage with the community of programmers and get exclusive branding and hiring through the contest.
  • Assess a wide range of programmers quickly and save time.
  • Obtain insights into the contest’s best programmers, and connect with them.

Host your own Hackathon

Host your own hackathon contest on CodeChef to engage with the top developers and fulfill your hiring and branding needs. Hackathons are proving grounds for new ideas. They’re a good way to stimulate the creative and problem-solving juices of developers. Outsiders can bring in a fresh perspective to your business challenges, as well as give an outside-in view of your products and organization.

  • Get Exclusive branding and hiring rights for the hackathon contest.
  • Use the hackathon contest to quickly assess a candidate on a specific technology/outsource a business challenge and get them solved by the community of programmers.

Assess candidates with CodeChefs Hiring Platform

Get access to CodeChefs hiring platform and automate your tests to get swift and accurate results.

  • Save time by getting immediate statistics and leaderboard of the set of candidates that take the test.
  • Test candidates on the language that you prefer. CodeChef supports 50+ programming languages.

Sponsor SnackDown - CodeChefs global coding championship

Get a chance to present CodeChefs SnackDown. The global coding championship which was started back in 2010 is back for its fifth edition with more than 27,000 registered teams globally! To know more about SnackDown, visit-

  • Engage with the best programmers across the globe.
  • Get branding on a global scale by sponsoring SnackDown 2019.

Sponsor our monthly contests - the Cook-Off, the Lunchtime, and the Long Challenge

Our monthly contests attract some of the best competitive programmers in India and across the world. Sponsoring our monthly contest not only gives you visibility among a burgeoning community of techies but also allows you access to their user profiles and contest performance in case you wish to hire from this community.

  • Get regular branding and visibility not only on the contest platform but also across our social media channels.
  • Access the performance stats and profiles of our contest participants for future hires

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