Sai Avinash | CodeChef

Sai Avinash

Sunday - 14  February , 2021 | 3 PM IST

LIVE Streamed on Unacademy and YouTube

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About the session

Welcome to Weekend With Champions. This is where we get in conversation with the very best in competitive programming. Players with top-notch performance and rating on reputed CP platforms talk about their competitive programming journey, their strategies, inspirations, and a lot more, on one-on-one conversations, hosted live by CodeChef team members. The sessions are open to questions from the community, which are answered during the session.

Who should watch this session?

Weekends With Champions is for anybody who’s into competitive programming. If you're a seasoned programmer yourself, you can watch a fellow champion talk about their journey, and if you’re an aspiring CP player, there’s a lot to learn from these sessions for you. Anybody who believes that competitive programming is one of the finest ways to build their base in Data Structures & Algorithms, and move farther ahead in their programming journey should join the session.

About the Speaker

This week’s guest on Weekend With Champions is Sai Avinash who graduated from BITS Goa in 2019 before joining Google, Dublin. The former intern at Uber and BlueJeans started competitive programming during the first year of college, and his favourite topics are Counting/Probability and Number Theory. With a global ranking of 48 and country ranking of 3 on CodeChef, Sai is one of the most promising 7-star programmers on the platform.