Building Blocks of Programming [Curriculum]

This curriculum has been designed for a 12 days intensive workshop, to help students learn problem solving using flowcharts and a programming language, Python here. This workshop is aimed for anyone who wants to learn programming.

Module 1 - Number Systems

Lesson 1.1 - Number Systems:

  • Writing numbers in any symbol system
  • Writing numbers in a 2 symbol system

Lesson 1.2 - Binary System- Finding patterns:

  • Conversion of numbers from Decimal to Binary
  • Conversion of numbers from Binary to Decimal

Module 2 - Problem solving using Flowcharts

Lesson 2.1 - Introduction to flowcharts:

  • Input/output box, process box, start/stop box
  • Indirect introduction of Python syntax with print statement
  • Variables and initialization

Lesson 2.2 - Operators and Conditionals:

  • Arithmetic operators(+,-,*,/,//,%)
  • Conditionals(if, else)
  • Relational operators(<,>,<=,>=,==,!=)

Lesson 2.3 - Loops:

  • Introduction to loops
  • while loop in a flowchart
  • Scaffolded problems on loops

Lesson 2.4 - Lists:

  • Lists definition, creation(manual and from the user)
  • Indexing and traversal of a list
  • Operations on list - append, insert
  • List of lists
    • Creation
    • Indexing
    • Traversal

Module 3 - Problem solving using Python programming language

Lesson 3.1 - Introduction of Python - 1:

  • Variables, input and output
  • Conversion of problems solved using flowcharts to Python

Lesson 3.2 - Introduction of Python - 2:

  • Conditionals, loops and lists
  • Conversion of problems solved using flowcharts to Python

Module 4 - Introduction to Online judge and competitions

  • Solving problems in an online coding competition

  • Learning about different competitive programming competitions and informatics olympiads

In case you have any inputs or suggestions for the improvement of the curriculum, write us to [email protected]

Building Blocks of Programming by CodeChef is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0