Indian Programming Community Camp 2016

After much discussion and push from the community, we at CodeChef along with the Indian Programming Community are organising an intensive training camp for top Indian programmers preparing for ACM ICPC and IOI. The camp will be organised from 11th July, 2016 through 13th July, 2016 at Directiplex, Mumbai.

This camp will be an advanced level camp and aims to target the best Indian students who are passionate about competitive programming and have attempts left at the ACM ICPC and IOI representing an Indian institution. The idea is to help the top Indian students scale up to the next level. The camp will be open to about 20 top students from India.

The sessions will be conducted by some of the most accomplished names in the world of competitive programming, including the senior members/mentors of the Indian Programming Community (IPC) and some top international programmers. Eminent competitive programmers like Kevin Charles Atienza and Sergey Kulik have also agreed to be a part of the training panel and conduct this camp.

Interested candidates must fill up the form below, after which the selection of the students will be done by a panel that consists of the senior members/mentors of the IPC.

The students selected and attending the camp will get a reimbursement of upto INR 3000 towards their accommodation, food and travel. The travel, food and accommodation need to be taken care of by the participants themselves.

Selection Criteria:

1. The 4 IOI finalists from India get automatically selected for this camp.
2. The students will be sorted on their performance (ratings) in the various competitive programming platforms and the top ones will be shortlisted from this list.
3. Those students who do not have any attempt left at IOI/ACM ICPC from an Indian institution will not be selected unless they belong to the IOI finalists' list from India this year.
4. If there is any doubt in selecting students from different years, the student who has more number of attempts left at IOI/ACM ICPC will be given preference.

The decision of the organisers/trainers will be final in selecting the students for the camp.

Last Date of Registration - 1st July, 2016.

1. No applications will be taken after the deadline.
2. The venue and location of the camp is tentative and may change. The selected students will be intimated in case of a change.
3. Students attending the camp are expected to bring their own laptops.