IOI Volunteer Program 2019

About the Program

Algorithms are the driving force of the information age that we live in. This volunteer program aims to help the school students discover the exciting world of algorithms and programming.

The objective of this program is to promote the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) among school students in India. IOI is the most prestigious international contest in Computer Science for high school students, with 85+ countries participating each year. The primary goal of IOI is to stimulate interest in algorithms and informatics (computing science) among young students.

The first step of the program is to spread awareness about the Indian Computing Olympiad, the national exam conducted for the selection of four students who will go on to represent India at the IOI 2019 at Baku, Azerbaijan in August 2019. The next step is to encourage students to register and help them prepare for it.

Last year only 1000+ students registered for the ICO exam but this year, we hope to triple that number.  We think this is possible. But, we cannot do this on our own; we need your help to make this possible.

Why join this program?

  • Do your bit to enable school students to be better problem solvers and critical thinkers
  • Help them expand their knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Provide them a chance to explore competitive programming, which many of us did not get when we were young

Who should join?

  • Anyone who believes that Indian programmers can do well on the global stage but are unable to do so due to lack of awareness. And, those who think that winning a gold medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) will be a good start.
  • We encourage school students, teachers, college students, professionals, parents and everyone else to join us. Your help is needed!

How to get started?

Things you can do as a Volunteer

Referral Code

  • This fetches you points which can win you some rewards.
  • First you need to pick a referral code for yourself. You will need to put this referral code on the poster. You can do this by editing the soft copy or write the referral code with a marker on the hard copy. Download poster from here: Download Poster.
  • This referral code has to be a relevant one, based on where you put up the poster. For example, if you are putting up in DPS R K Puram, then you can use DPSRKP. Feel free to come up with your creative codes.
  • A volunteer can use multiple referral codes. You can check here for conflicts. In case someone else is already using the referral code, then you will need to come up with a new one.
  • Once you pick the referral code, then you will need to share this referral code with us via this form: This will help us track the registrations you get.
  • Now, you need to ask the students to enter your referral code when they register online.
  • All the referral codes can be tracked here: Referral Code Tracker

We can also send you the hard copy of posters. You will need to fill this form to get them:


  • Recognition on our social media and communication channels. We will try and make a small post on our social media channels with your name. We can also include your picture if you want us to. :) It does motivate some of us here so we thought it will be cool to do so.
  • CodeChef provides you Volunteer Certificate if you get at least 1 registration.
  • Since you are working hard, you deserve to win something. We are giving away some small rewards if you get below mentioned number of registrations using your referral code! There is some more motivation to take a shot!

No. of registrations



A cool goodie from CodeChef


Gift voucher worth INR 1000/-


Gift voucher worth INR 2500/-


Amazon Kindle e-reader


Terms & Conditions: It is always good to sneak this in. From our past learnings, in case of bulk registrations, it is hard to get the referral codes. They are often missed. In such cases, you will be able to claim the rewards, if and only if the registration will be done through your channel or there should an official communication from the school principal or some authoritative entity representing those students that it was done because of you.

For any queries contact us at