Current Openings

About CodeChef

CodeChef is an educational initiative started in 2009, with the aim of improving the problem-solving skills of Indian programmers, CodeChef uses algorithmic contests to help students and professionals test and improve their coding skills. It has become one of the largest competitive programming platforms hosting over a million registered users.

But, that is not where things stop. Our vision is for all Indian programmers to be among the best in the globe. To reach there, we are working to change the way programmers learn and solve problems. Building a community of programmers that fosters learning is at the heart of what we do. Our other major initiatives include school outreach, college collaborations, learning program, and certifications.

Who should apply?

As we expand, we need smart, motivated and passionate people to join us in shaping India’s coding future! We are looking for young interns as well as full-time employees to join our team. Those

  • who pursue excellence and have a strong desire to make a difference
  • who love what CodeChef does (each one of us here completely believes in what we do, is always happy for each other's work and accomplishments, and see this not just as work but as an endeavor towards a common goal)
  • who love technology/computer science education. This might not be a necessary skill for many of the positions like writing, marketing, operations, design, outreach or business development. But we have a certain vision towards which we are working, we have certain values we stand for, and a love for programming is integral to that. We want similar people in our midst
  • who are looking for just an internship or a job from anyone, we believe there are better opportunities for you out there in the world and you should explore them. Apply only if you are passionate about being with us.