Problem Statement Template

Some tips for writing the problem statement:
  • Problem upload happens on and then the admins import the same on So what looks alright there may break after the import.
  • Do not make the problem statement too long. A good estimate will be not to exceed 500 words (excluding sample input/output).
  • Do not use Javascript. It will be ignored. No use of script tags is supported.
  • Make variables and formulas in bold, like N or A * B − C.
  • Please do not use line breaks in the problem statement where it is not required (even in the HTML, though it is ignored). This is to avoid a bug in the import process. Every time you hit an enter button to start a new line, it is taken as a new line. For eg.
    This is line one.
    This is line two.

    No need to write it as
    This is line one < / br>
    This is line two
  • Avoid styling. Custom styling (use of style tag or CSS) will not work. Please use standard HTML tags to style if the need be.
  • Usage of special characters will break. Do not copy paste your formatted problem statement from your editor like MS Word. This may introduce special characters. Please use the link to sanitize your HTML before saving your problem statement. To be more specific:
    • use html entities &lt;&le;, &gt;, &ge; for corresponding inequality signs.
    • Don't hesitate to use other html entities like:
      • &times; when you want to write the phrase "N × N grid";
      • &minus; when you want to write the formula like "A * B − C"
    • For formatting your code blocks (getting monospaced text for code) in the problem statement, tags can be nested inside of < pre> tags for the desired effect.
    • Use the below template for writing your problem statements. You may download the html for use here.