List of Compilers

Language Short Name Compiler
C C gcc 11.3
C# C# gmcs 6.12
C++14 C++14 gcc 11.3
C++17 C++17 gcc 11.3
C++20 C++20 gcc 13.2
Go GO go 1.20.6
Java JAVA openjdk 17.0.6
JavaScript NODEJS node 18.6.1
Kotlin KTLN kotlin 1.9.0
PHP PHP php 8.2.7
Python3 PYTH 3 python 3.11.2
PyPy3 PYPY3 PyPy 7.3.11
Rust rust rust 1.71.0
SQL Schema SQL sqlite 3.40.1

You can find compiler options that our judge uses here.