CodeChef for Schools
New to Programming and want to test the waters?
Go for Gold for Schools
Its been 8 years since we created CodeChef, a non-commercial platform to help Indian programmers become the best in the world.
CodeChef's growth has been outstanding in this short while, surpassing all our expectations:
  • 600,000 active users from 12,000 institutions
  • 1300+ programming contests
  • Over 13 million+ submissions
We're proud of CodeChef, but we know we still have a long way to go. That's why Directi and CodeChef together announced the Go for Gold Project 7 years ago to see an Indian college win gold at the ACM ICPC world finals. Read more about that program here.
In alignment with our goal, we have extended this program to the Indian Middle/High School students. As a part of this program, we want an Indian student to win the Gold medal at the International Olympiads in Informatics, which is considered the Olympics of programming for School Students.
We realize that that change won't happen overnight, so our plan is to support learning and reward improvement. We're providing ongoing scholarship, incentives, promotion, tech assistance, and training for Indian students.
What do you win?
  • A Laptop worth 65000 Rupees.
  • The prestigious Go for Gold Cup on behalf of your school (The winner of the Go for Gold Cup will have his/her name inscribed in the Cup).
  • A cash prize calculated by using the Golden Rule.
  • And to top it all, a guaranteed offer of employment at Directi.
How much is the prize?
The cash prize for any year is computed as follows:
Prize = (Rs. 161803 * 1.61803^1.61803) * (log (base 1.61803) (N+1))
  • N is the number of years for which this prize has remained unclaimed (Current value of N is 3)
  • 1.61803 are the first 6 digits of the golden ratio (go for gold ;))
Each year the prize is unclaimed, it increases further. The below table shows how this prize would grow if it were unclaimed for the next 4 years -
Year Cash Prize (Rs.)
1 507,720
2 804,717
3 1,015,441
4 1,178,890
How is the prize money distributed?
The individual will dedicate 33% of the prize to his school to spend towards enhancing the IT infrastructure (internet connection, laptops, computer room). The remaining prize will belong to him to help him further his education.
How do you win?
To win this you need to first get selected to represent India at the IOI world finals. And you get to win the following based on your performance at the world finals.
  • Anyone who wins a Bronze Medal will get a Laptop worth 45000 Rupees.
  • Anyone who wins a Silver Medal or above will get a Laptop worth 65000 Rupees.
  • Anyone who wins the Gold Medal will get the following:
    • Directi Go for Gold Cup
    • The Cash prize
    • A guaranteed offer of employment at Directi subject to him completing his graduation in an IT related field.