Learning Camp For Beginners

Pre Requisites

  • This camp is for learners who have never taken part in any rated contest and haven't been able to solve more than 5-10 problems on CodeChef.
  • Solve 10 problems with your CodeChef mentor, during the camp and get the confidence to take part in any contests. At the end of the camp, you will be able to solve problems in CodeChef Starters and Long contests.
  • You need to know C++ or Python to attend the camp.
  • Please do attend the session via a laptop or desktop and solve problems with the educator. Solving and practicing problems is very crucial in building your skills.

What you will Learn

  • Introduction to Competitive Programming.
  • Introducing an online judge, and learn to read a problem statement, understand various test cases and constraints.
  • Write your first code: Taking input/output in C++/Python, and also solve the problem:START01
  • How to read a stream of numbers as input using CPP/Python? We will solve the problem:INTEST
  • Basic comparison:FLOW010
  • Validating triangle property:FLOW013
  • Calculating the remainder:FLOW002
  • Problem involving the use of digits:LUCKFOUR
  • Calculating the sum of digits of a number:FLOW006
  • Calculating the sum of first and last digits: FLOW006
  • Reverse a number: FLOW007
  • A problem to understand relational operators: FLOW007
  • Problem involving multiple operations: HS08TEST


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