AIM ICPC - A Weekly Training Series for India Regionals

We know what all it takes to crack the most coveted programming contest in the world, and we’re sharing the mantra with you. This is your chance to make it big at the grandest stage of them all - the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). An algorithmic programming contest for college students, the ICPC is where students participate in teams consisting of 3 participants from the same college. For all those eyeing for the grand win this year, CodeChef’s unique and specially curated ICPC Training series is here. With sessions conducted by ICPC World Finalists and previous year Indian Regionals problem setters, learn how to become the maestro of the competition. Be a part of the weekly training series and be at the forefront of Competitive Programming.

How does it work?

We have divided it into two parts: Contest & Classes

About the Contest

A Previous year ICPC Indian / European / American regionals contest which the learners should attempt on CodeChef. It will be a 3 to 5 hour contest that can be taken in a 1-week time-slot.

About the Classes

We will discuss the problems from the previous week in these classes:

  • Monday: 1 Hour Class to discuss the first set of Easy-Level problems
  • Wednesday: 1 Hour Class to discuss Intermediate-Level problems
  • Friday: 1 Hour Class to discuss Advance-Level problems
  • Saturday: Bonus Session to discuss Expert-Level problems

What to expect?

  • Sessions conducted by ICPC World Finalists
  • Weekly training series for rigorous assessment
  • Problems that test your skills across all domains
  • A great performance boost post the contest!


Contest Contest Date Link to Training Session
Contest - 1 22nd Dec to 27th Dec 2020 Learning Sessions
Contest - 2 30th Dec to 10th Jan 2021 Learning Session - 1 - 4th Jan
Learning Session - 2 - 6th Jan
Contest - 3 8th Jan to 17th Jan 2021 Learning Session - 1 - 13th Jan

Join our Discord Group

  • We have created a Discord server to clear your doubts during the Learning Session. To join the discussions and to ask your queries join the Discord Server using the link here.