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Competitive Programming Tutorials

Mini Courses

Mini Courses are to give you a quick overview on the topic along with practicing problems by the top CodeChef Educators. Whether you are starting out or want to have a quick revision, these 3 sessions courses will help you learn the topics quickly.

Topic Educator Name Course Link
Backtracking Sanket Singh Link
Linked List Problems Riya Bansal Link
Number Theory Himanshu Singh Link
Hashing Riya Bansal Link
Shortest Path Algorithms Pulkit Chhabra Link
Dynamic Programming Sidhant Bansal Link
Recursion Sanket Singh Link
Hashing Rohit Mazumder Link
Segment Trees Tanuj Khattar Link
Segment Trees Riya Bansal Link
Binary Search Deepak Gour Link
Graph Interview Problems Sanket Singh Link
Game Theory Surya Kiran Link
Binary Trees Riya Bansal Link
FAANG Interview Problems Sanket Singh Link

Indian Programming Camp

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced programmer, we have a track for each of you to help level up.

Course Topics Course Link
Beginner Track - Basic Programming Constructs
- Problem Solving Basics
- Complexity Theory
- Basic Mathematics
- Stacks & Queues
- Sorting & Searching
- Mastering C++ STL
- Recursion and Backtracking
- Dynamic Programming Basics
- Graph Theory Basics
Intermediate Track - Trees
- Segment Trees
- Game Theory
- Intermediate Dynamic Programming
- String Hashing
- Square Root Decomposition
- Queries on Trees
- DFS and BFS Spanning Trees
- Basic/Intermediate number theory
Advanced Track - Persistent Data Structures
- Linear Algebra
- Biconnectivity
- Suffix Arrays
- Centroid Decomposition
- Flows
- FFT and Variants
- Segment Tree Beats
- DP Optimizations