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What our Chapters do

For us, it’s about building a robust Competitive Programming culture and making it accessible to all. Let’s take a look at what our Chapters do to make this come alive.

Organize Events

Throughout the year, our chapters are exposed to the programming landscape’s realities in their college. With an intensive 2-days long induction, they understand the problem’s enormity better. This helps them gain the necessary skills such as vision setting, planning, execution, etc to tackle this problem. Our Chapters bring in some amazing energy on their campus through events like programming contests hosted on the CodeChef, workshops, guest lectures, or fest collaborations that promote programming and inspire the students.

Few activities that they do:

  • Daily Problem Solving and Discussion on WhatsApp
  • DSA Learning Sessions/ Workshops
  • Upsolving Sessions for Monthly Contests
  • ICPC Preparation
  • Workshop for Women and School Students
  • Programming Contests
Outreach and awareness

The success of an event is judged by the number of people who participate and enjoy taking part in it. The Chapter Leaders ensure a strong pre buzz and post buzz both online and offline to create max awareness. They also capture moments of the event to be put on social media.

Some glimpses from the year 2019-20:

Celebrate The Achievements

To celebrate the achievements, the chapter leaders:

  • Recognize top performers on their college website/ social media handles
  • Give shout outs to them amongst the crowd during the event
Sharing highlights of the event

The CodeChef College Chapters is a close-knit community where everyone shares highlights and best practices from their events. This pushes everyone to give their best and create a culture of learning.