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CodeChef College Chapter

Registrations for opening a CodeChef College Chapter are now closed.

Who all are required to run a College Chapter
• Four Students

Having more members always provides greater opportunities for discussion, feedback, and fun! To run a CodeChef Chapter in your college a team of 4 passionate leaders holding the below positions are required:

  • President - Responsible for leading the College Chapter
  • Competitive Programming Lead - In charge of the workshops and contests organized by the College Chapter
  • Outreach and Media Lead - Responsible for bringing everyone together and ensuring that students are aware of Competitive Programming
  • Events Lead - Responsible for organizing events that add value to the students’ learning

Know more about the Eligibility Criteria, Roles and Responsibilities of the above positions here.

• A Faculty Advisor

While running the College Chapter, Leaders will require permission, guidance, and support from the professors. The Faculty Advisor of the CodeChef Chapter will be responsible for:

  • Mentoring Chapter Leaders regularly
  • Guiding and supporting the Chapter Leaders with planning the events and workshops
  • Supporting the students with budget management, getting permissions for conducting events, and overcoming any administrative challenges
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