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CodeChef Certified Data Structure & Algorithms Programme (CCDSAP)

Next Exam Date
  • August 2018
  • 26
Registration Closes on 12th August 2018



The exam will be of 3 hour duration under a proctored environment. You will be given 5 problems to solve of different difficulty levels. Each problem will have multiple subtasks. Solving each subtask will fetch you points. There will be no access to the internet.

Exam Environment
  • OS - Ubuntu 16.04
  • Compilers
    • gcc/g++ 6.3
    • Java 1.8
    • Python 2.7
    • Python 3.6
    Note: These are the compilers available on the local system. To submit, you can use any of the 50+ languages available on the CodeChef platform.
  • IDEs
    • CodeChef IDE
    • Code::Blocks
    • CLion
    • Eclipse
    • IntelliJ
    • Notepad++
    • Sublime text
    • PyCharm
  • Hardware
    • CPU: Intel Core i3 or above
    • RAM: 4/8GB
  • The exam will be conducted in one of the centres identified by CodeChef under the supervision of CodeChef staff.
  • The candidates can register for the exam on the CodeChef website, mentioning their choice of exam centre and the level of certification that they wish to apply for.
  • On the day of the scheduled exam, the candidates have to appear at the given examination centre to take the test.
  • There will be no access to any resource, online or offline, made available to the candidate during the duration of the exam.