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This certification is an assessment of programming proficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms under a proctored environment. It’s a lifetime certification as it tests a candidate’s grasp on subjects that are very fundamental to the field of computer science, and therefore, they do not change with technological advancements.

Through this program, it is our mission to provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing the skills and knowledge needed to become better programmers and develop a community of highly-skilled professionals who are good problem solvers.

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Why this Certification

Today, in the IT industry, there is a vast shortage of professionals who have a good command over this subject. In fact, recent studies have corroborated our belief that a huge chunk of engineers in India are unfit for software development jobs — a problem that we identified and took on to fix almost a decade ago.

While the subject is taught in most Engineering Colleges in the country, there is hardly any assessment standard that is being followed. We believe that a Certification provided by global experts in the subject will prove to be a good ground for the students and professionals to assess themselves.

It also provides the software industry a benchmark to evaluate and recruit the best candidates out there. More importantly it provides a level playing ground to every software student and professional to choose a career path that s/he wants to.

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Benefits of this Certification

Apart from raising your employability quotient, there’s a whole spectrum of benefits that come with getting CodeChef Certified. Few of these are:

  • Assess your proficiency in the subject,
  • Master skills specific to the market requirement,
  • Distinguish yourself by sharing your Certificate on LinkedIn & other professional sites,
  • Get admission in selected universities,
  • Have your profile be exclusively displayed on our Listing Page for use by top recruiters

Till now, CodeChef Certified Programmers have received offers from well-established organisations such as Media.net, IIT Madras, Flock, Zeta, ShareChat, FiveTran and many more. Register today to be one of them!

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