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CodeChef Certified Data Structure & Algorithms Programme

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  • MAY 2020
  • 24
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Assessment Levels

There will be two levels of assessment with varying difficulty and the range of topics covered, to gauge the proficiency of users.

  • Foundation

    This will certify that the person is fluent with the basics of algorithms and data structures and can implement them in code.

  • Advanced

    This will certify that the person has a very good grasp of algorithms and data structures, and can solve most problems which arise in practice.

Level Advancement

To appear for a higher level of Certification, the candidate must take the preceding level of Certification OR should have certain minimum rating points on the CodeChef website.

Passing Criteria

Typically, for Foundation level you will have to score 350 out of 750 to pass, for Advanced level you have to score 675 out of 1275 to pass. But the cut-offs and the total scores could have minor changes in some exams. So please read the scores and cut-offs given in the exam page when you give the exam.

CodeChef Ratings and Certification Levels:

CodeChef has a rating system where people are awarded rating points and classified in different bands based on their performance in the online rated contests hosted on the CodeChef platform every month. Each rating band has a Colour and Stars for identification. The rated players are listed here: https://www.codechef.com/ratings/all

Participating in these contests helps build one’s skills over a period of time. Those who have been participating in CodeChef contests and have attained rating points, do get an opportunity to take a higher level Certification based on their rating band.

Level Advancement

Users rated 3 STAR and above on CodeChef may directly take the Advanced Level Certification.


While skipping a level is allowed for rated CodeChef users, we recommend the users to give the previous level exam before taking the next level. Only if the user feels confident of skipping a level, and has the requisite rating points, should she do so.