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  • MAY 2020
  • 24
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  • General:
    • There are various benefits of this certification. Whether you are a student or a professional, the certification will open up a bundle of opportunities in terms of job/better career prospects. Read more about it here

    • Ratings are based on relative performance while a certification is based on absolute performance. A high rated user who has good rating points is likely to have a good grasp of the subject. However, low ratings do not truly reflect one's lack of understanding of the subject. We do believe that ratings take time as one has to take part in a series of contests to improve on and get to a point where they reflect one's new prowess (which is more about one's ability to perform in a contest vs others' ability to do so). Whereas a certification offers a shorter time span for assessment of one's skillset. Also, the certification will be in an invigilated environment and hence should have more credibility.

    • This is an area where we felt we could add value to the users apart from what we are doing online. We believe that this will help more users to take up the subject and be better programmers. And, CodeChef continues to be a not for profit. The money that we make is used up to grow our other initiatives, the most important one being the taking informatics to schools. You can read up about this more on our blog.

    • The fees for the different course levels can be referred here

    • Yes, we have cashback offers for both Advanced and Expert levels.

      Advanced: Programmers who have successfully passed the Advanced level certification after multiple attempts can get a fee rebate for their unsuccessful attempts. For example, if a candidate fails the Advanced test twice, but succeeds on her third attempt, the fee for the first two attempts will be refunded.

      Expert: Every candidate who successfully passes the Expert level test will be refunded their fees for every attempt they have undertaken. That is, candidates who succeed after multiple attempts will be refunded the fees paid for every attempt once they pass. Candidates who achieve a pass mark (including those who succeed on their first attempt) will have their cashback transaction initiated within 14 days of taking the test.

    • Though we encourage all candidates to prepare well before attempting the CCDSAP exam, there are cases when the candidates are not able to clear it in the first attempt despite their best efforts. To motivate users to re-attempt and pass the exam, we have a fee rebate policy on our Foundation level. Candidates who pass the exam on their second (or third, fourth, etc) attempt can get 50% of the fees paid (for their successful attempt) as cashback. To avail the offer, you need to send us a request to ccdsap@codechef.com with your bank details, after you have successfully cleared the exam with a subject line "Request for 50% Cashback on CCDSAP exam".

    • Companies can contact CodeChef to get access to the data of the users who clear the certification and want to get hired.

    • Knowledge and understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms and an ability to write code to solve problems applying that knowledge.

    • Yes, you can and you should. You just need to register yourself and prepare well. We have also created a Mock Test for each level for you to assess yourself before taking the exam.

    • Yes. You certainly can and we encourage you to do so. In fact anyone who knows programming can take this up. This certification will go a long way in making your understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms better. Go for it!