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Running the Chapter

Once you have signed up and got a heads up from our end about running the chapter you need to get the chapter running in your school or college. And the first and foremost thing to do is to form a team which believes in promoting Competitive programming, and establishing a coding culture within the campus.

How to go about forming a team?

The student representative and the faculty representative should circulate a notice around the campus asking students to join the core committee of the same and the student and the faculty representative should filter out the students preferably by conducting interviews or in a way which is suitable to them. Once the team is formed, assign various responsibilities to various students, pick a marketing head, a technical head, head of the website, head of social media etc. You are free to work this according to the way which is convenient to the core committee members of your chapter.

Organize events

Now once the Core Committee is formed and had it's first meeting presided by the Faculty incharge it has to come up with a plan for organizing events in the coming semester, these can be programming contests hosted on CodeChef, programming workshops or even Guest lectures which will promote programming and inspire the students.

Promoting the events

The success of an event is judged by the number of people who participated and enjoyed taking part in it. Now, before the event, the core committee members have to make sure that the event is properly promoted and publicized within the college and on Social Media and after the event photos and a report are put on the website.

Publicizing the achievements

Find ways to publicize the achievements of the winners of your events including:

  • Posting fliers - Make fliers for your contests and post them around campus with the contact information for your campus representative.
  • Using campus media - Ask your college website and newspaper to publicize top scorers from your chapter, as well as upcoming events.
  • Different types of Meetups for the students enthusiastic about programming

Note: Goodies will be provided by CodeChef which can be distributed among with the winners.

Apart from the events there can be following types of meetups:
  • Open Programming Session - Pick a problem on the site and work together on it as a group. Discuss the approach you are going to take and try implementations in various programming languages.
  • Open Discussion - Invite a member, faculty adviser or guest to lead a discussion on a topic of their choice related to computing, this could include: Programming Paradigms, Manual vs. Automated Testing or any other topic.
  • Awards Ceremony - After each competition, reward individuals who scored the best from your chapter.
  • Your College's Contest - Use CodeChef to host an official contest for your college. Email for info on how to do this.
Campus Chapter Report

CodeChef Campus Chapters are expected to submit a report of their activity at the end of the year at

  • A Campus Chapter is only valid for a period of 1 year after which it needs to be renewed by sending a mail to CodeChef admin
  • A Campus Chapter should have compulsary 3 representatives without which it won't be approved by The Chef
  • Involve a junior student in your Campus Chapter so that he can take it forward after the seniors pass out
  • Send out weekly/monthly reports to The Chef on your Chapter activities
  • The name of the Facebook Campus Chapter Page should be of the format ‚ÄúCodeChef [name of college or school or chapter] Campus Chapter
  • The twitter handle of the page should be @[chaptername]CodeChef
Ask for Help
  • Facebook - Join our Campus Chapter group and ask questions.
  • Twitter -
  • Phone - (022)30797709 (On Weekdays between 11:00 am to 8:00 pm)