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Getting Started

Ready to make a name for your college on CodeChef? Before jumping onto registration, below are some simple instructions and tips for how to start your own Campus Chapter:

1. Pick a Campus Representative

You can start a CodeChef Chapter on your campus alone or along with a few passionate programmers. Having more members always provides greater opportunities for discussion, feedback, and fun!

2. Nominate a Faculty Advisor

At every point in life, we all require guidance and support from our teachers. The Faculty Advisor of your chapter will be responsible for:

  • Mentoring and guiding you at every stage.
  • Help in managing logistics with the college whenever required.

Here's an email you can send to invite a faculty member to become your Faculty Advisor:

Subject: Would you like to be CodeChef Campus Chapter Faculty Advisor?

From: < You >

Dear Professor < Name >,

We're starting a CodeChef Campus Chapter at our college and we'd like to invite you to become our Faculty Advisor. CodeChef ( is a global programming community that hosts contests, trainings and events for programmers around the world. We're starting a Campus Chapter at our college to create a better programming community here. We hope that it will become a way for programming students to meet, share ideas, and improve our skills. As our Faculty Advisor, you would serve as a mentor to the chapter and provide guidance on programming problems We think you would be great for this role. Please let us know if you can take it up!

< Your Name >

3. Name Your Chapter

Your chapter name will be something by which you will be recognized across your college and in the community. Format your name like: CodeChef Campus Chapter - College Name. (For eg: CodeChef Campus Chapter - IIIT Hyderabad).

4. Fill out the form

Get started by filling out the form here: