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CodeChef Campus Chapter Excellence Awards

The CodeChef Campus Chapter Excellence Awards Program recognizes Campus Chapters that display considerable initiative during the academic year. The awards are given on the following key areas:

Outstanding Campus Chapter Activities

For the chapter which goes out of its way to organize events, meetings and contests and has the most members and involvement from the campus.

Most Active Campus Chapter (Social Media and Web Presence)

Social Media and web are very important aspects to reach out to a larger audience, and this award is for the chapter which manages it’s web presence the best.

Campus Chapter with the best website

Every campus chapter is provided with their own hosting and domain and the job of the chapter is to develop their own website. Noteworthy features, good design and development are the judging criteria.

Most Social College Campus Chapter

This is for the College Campus Chapter which takes a significant effort to promote our initiative Codechef for Schools near the varios schools around their neighbourhood

Campus Chapter with the maximum number of programming contests

For the chapter that organizes maximum number of programming contests for their campus students using the CodeChef platform