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What is a CodeChef Campus Chapter?

CodeChef Campus Chapters are the programming clubs that are run and maintained by the official campus chapter representatives and are mentored by CodeChef. Campus Chapters aim at promoting competitive programming in various colleges and schools around the world and help students become better problem solvers which go a long way in learning as well as in their career development.

Why a CodeChef Campus Chapter?

Are you someone who is passionate about competitive programming? Ain’t got the right guidance at the initial stage due to not so good programming culture at your college? Through CodeChef Campus Chapter we are trying to solve this problem by providing you an opportunity to make a difference at your campus by spreading awareness and creating opportunities for students. As a CodeChef Campus Chapter, you will be building local communities at your college-level which will be responsible for doing activities such as:

  • Promoting competitive programming in your college and enhance its culture.
  • Hosting various contests and competitions
  • Organizing workshops and doubt-sessions for better learning.
  • To organize programming contests, workshops, and meetups.
  • Go back to school and help kids in learning programming.
What Are The Benefits For CodeChef Campus Chapters?
  • An open platform to share your ideas, resources, work and achievements with the community.
  • Get early updates about upcoming workshops and events organized by CodeChef and partners.
  • Access to exclusive resources and sessions.
  • Global exposure to events and activities organized by Campus Chapters.
  • An opportunity to network with fellow programmers and attend their events.
  • Recognition and Mention on CodeChef Campus Chapter Page and Social Media.
  • Brag rights of being a Campus Chapter Representatives.
  • Certificate of Appreciation and other perks on valuable contributions.
  • And a chance to closely work with Team CodeChef.