Campus Chapter: About | CodeChef
What is a CodeChef Campus Chapter?

CodeChef Campus Chapters aim at promoting competitive programming in various colleges and schools around the world and help students become better problem solvers which goes a long way in learning as well as in their career development.

So if you are looking for a way to meet fellow programmers, improve your skills, and have fun start or join a CodeChef Campus Chapter at your college or school! CodeChef Campus Chapters are independent programming clubs that use CodeChef's platform and resources.

Why a CodeChef Campus Chapter?
  • To promote competitive programming within your college
  • To organize programming events and meetup, workshops and invite distinguished speakers
  • To organize programming competitions and get sponsored by CodeChef
  • To build your CodeChef Campus Chapter website
  • To connect with other Campus Chapters, share resources and get to know about fellow coders
  • To get involved in the CodeChef for Schools Initiative
  • To get your team recognized by CodeChef
What are the benefits that the CodeChef Campus Chapters get?
  • Around the globe exposure for the events organized by your chapter.
  • Share ideas and resources with other Campus Chapters and interact with their coders.
  • Organize contests on CodeChef Platform for your college.
  • Special Mention on the CodeChef Campus Chapters page